New generation modern office chairs

In your workplace where you spend most of the day sitting for long hours, it is important to choose the right office chairs, which have a direct impact on your health with both their design and ergonomics. The fact that office chairs can be adjusted according to the user’s body prevents health problems that may occur due to sitting for long hours in the future. Always aiming at comfort, durability and usability, Addo helps you to provide the comfort of your home in your office by bringing functionality to the forefront of all working chairs. In Addo, which includes office chairs such as O-Live, Spina, T-Max, Wing, Incontro, each specially produced, it is aimed to relax at your desk where you spend long hours.

For a healthy workplace, first ergonomics …

An office chair must have certain qualities in order to provide you with the best comfort for long hours and to provide your comfort with all other ergonomic features. The most important of these is “functionality” offered through its adjustable design. The fact that many different details such as the height, the inclination and depth of the sitting surface and the back support can be adjusted in the working chair to be used makes all Addo models ideal for your office. Addo office chairs, which allow you to organize your working environment exactly for you, guarantee both your health and comfort to be positively affected. Working chairs, which reduce the problems caused by inactivity and posture disorders to zero, prevent problems such as fatigue and muscle tension due to inactivity.

Comfort, Ergonomics and Award-Winning Designs Together in Addo

Addo works with world-renowned designers on office chairs and office guest chairs, emphasizing the power of design as in all product groups. Combining the experience of Turkish and Italian designers, Addo develops designs that combine ergonomics and aesthetics. Addo, which offers the ideal working environment by processing all the necessary qualities for your health, to the finest detail, while adding an aesthetic appearance to your office, also helps you to bring the comfort of your home to the office. Office chair, which is a factor affecting work efficiency, also affects job satisfaction. A good office chair not only positively contributes to business efficiency, but also maximizes the comfort of you and your guests coming to your office.

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