Modern Office Sofas

Addo Furniture Office Sofas add a unique personality to your work areas. Modern Office Sofa models, each of which will meet your different needs, are designed on ergonomics and comfort. Sofas offered by Addo Furniture to its users can be easily adapted to all kinds of working spaces thanks to their functional features and double office sofas, triple office chairs or leather office sofas with various variations. Addo Furniture sofa sets are modern design products that combine the perfect harmony of wood and metal with fabric and leather materials with elegant details.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

While the stylish lines from its design appeal to your aesthetic perception, the comfort offered by ergonomics makes your guests and colleagues feel that they are in a healthy environment. Addo Furniture Office Sofa Sets offer the most ideal solutions for executive offices and social areas. With our Exe, Parco, Fly Fabrıc, Flywood, Cube, Frame, Klass, Salsa Office Sofas models in the collection, you can step into the modernized shapes of classical lines, the comfort that gives the feeling of being at home and the world of simplicity that gives freedom. Addo Furniture Office Sofas add a different atmosphere and color to the new generation offices with their Italian style designs. Thanks to their modular designs, you can use your sofa in different combinations according to your wishes.
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Office Sofas Models

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