Meeting Tables


ARES meeting tables emphasize the outstanding harmony between different forms of legs while directly enhancing sense of safety and stability. Skilful engineering details provide elegance combined with endurance and stability. ARES meeting tables make it possible to extend the design language of management offices to meeting spaces. Combining wood, leather and metal with elaborate workmanship, ARES meeting tables makes it easier to have access to power connection by bringing them from legs to the table thanks to cable covers. Coming with different length options, ARES meeting tables can be comfortably used in meetings with high number of participants.

Ares Product V.

Sezgin Aksu, AKSU/SUARDI

Sezgin Aksu, AKSU/SUARDI

"In 2001, Sezgin Aksu and Selvia Suardi established the AKSU/SUARDI Studio in Milan, where a wide range of industrial furniture and graphic designs from homes to public spaces were realized."

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