18 Women Architects from Turkey and Germany

Goethe-Institut Turkey, that organizes the event “Women Architects: Women in the Architectural Profession in Turkey and Germany”. The exhibition is about 18 women architects who shaped architecture in these two countries and made significant emphasis with their work. Since then, TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch was opened to visitors in its real environment in Karaköy Building.

“Men builds, women sits in where the men builds”; was the perception at the beginning of the 20th century. Even though women fought for the right to receive architectural education nearly 100 years ago, were successful architects, this profession is still being seen as a “male workplace” in Germany and Turkey.

With the Women Architects exhibition, Goethe-Institut Turkey wants to introduce a total of 18 women architects from both countries, and aims to open the discussion and enable experts to engage in conversation. The German Architecture Museum (DAM) opened an exhibition titled “FRAU ARCHITEKT” (2017)  under the name of “Women in the Architectural Profession with 100 years of history”, bringing the status of women in the architecture business and the history of women’s architecture to the public’s attention the 100 years of women architects. Presenting a selection from this exhibition opened in Frankfurt, “Woman Architects” presents the subject from a wider geography and perspective by also addressing women architects from Turkey.

The exhibition at TMMOB Karaköy Building can be visited until 31 July.


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