Snowsound Acoustic Panels


Snowsound keeps acoustics with design, by carrying technology to living spaces with a new dimension as a complementary accessory in sound insulation.
According to the World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization's research, problems such as disturbance in the working environment caused by first-degree noises between 30-65 dBA, concentration disturbance and aggressiveness can be controlled by snowsound acoustic panels.The panel, which can only provided by Addo Furniture in Turkey, it is adding positive value to shareholders and retail space with the original form and with a special material that allows sound editing.Addo Furniture, which stands out with its office furniture and accessories products that reflects the power of design, creates spaces as visually as well as complementing the office decoration with Snowsound which optimizes the acoustic environment.Italian origin Snowsound's outer fabric can be produced as polyester or other components of the completely plastic or metal.Also it is recyclable and therefore very environmentall friendly and harmless.The patented design, tested in the laboratories of the University of Ferrara, complies with UNI EN ISO 354 standards providing Class A sound absorption.There is no gap between the fabric and the sound absorbing material so it doesn't keep dust and it can be cleaned easily by its seamless surface.Snowsound has received dozens of awards such as German Design, Gran Design Etico, NeoCon, Product Innovations, Design Index ADI, International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards, Les Trophees de L Indexinnovation, Horeca24




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