Henning Larsen Redesigns the Office

With the Henning larsen, 105 Victoria Street project, futures social office is defined. 105 Victoria Street, the first project of the famous firm, the representative of the Scandinavian design school, in London; It is located in the heart of Westminster, just a short walk from Buckingham Palace.

The uncertain working conditions, which have been going on for almost 2 years due to the pandemic, have caused many people to question the future of the office. Even though, some have benefited from working at home, the negative impact of a lack of activity and social interaction on mental and physical health is undeniable. The project designed by considering these factors; It includes not only office spaces but also the reinterpretation of the typical office foyer as a town square. The indoor and outdoor activities being diverse, leads an active work space from start to finish.  105 Victoria Street also; It also aims to develop urban spaces with cooperation, celebration and recreation areas.Jacob Kurek, one of the firm’s partners, describes the project as follows: “We aimed to create an active urban destination in the heart of London that would create a small public space equal in energy and diversity to the city itself.”

The design also takes a macro perspective on sustainability and aims to achieve net zero carbon by 2026. The construction of the project, which presents a prototype of what could be the active and social office of the future, will begin in August 2022.


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