Important points when decorating new generation offices


Researchs are shows us; If physical conditions of the offices better, the efficiency and the happiness of the employees will be higher. Offices changes the efficiency of the work, the quality of work, loyalty of the employee in the workplace, the health and even the business relations with other people.

While the efficiency of the offices that are spent more time than home is so important for the employees, the main points that should be considered in office design are;





Light quality; affects the concentration of employees in the right proportion. The lighting needs in the new generation offices are two types of light, natural and artificial. Nowadays, where the offices that give importance to green are increasing, it has become an indispensable element to give place to natural light in offices. If natural light is more employees feels better.

In artificial lights, the selection should be made in accordance with the use of office. Designed for different purposes such as waiting rooms, open offices, meeting areas, the light selection of the rooms should be made separately.

The colors used in office design should be influenced by the selection of these lighting. For example; the dark-colored offices needs more lighting.


Choosing the furnitures


Choosing the right furniture is very important because of the physical disturbances that may occur after a long period of time in the same position.With the suitable furniture for the structure of the human body, employees can maintain their comfort while working during the day.

Tables should be functional to allow comfortable use of office materials. With height-adjustable work tables designed for long-term occupants, employees can change positions and can protect their health. It is important that the working chairs are suitable for the weight of the person and can be adjusted in all aspects.

The choice of furniture in office decoration should be done at once and long-term use is taken into consideration except in extreme situations.For this reason, the quality of the selected materials, durable to be used for a long time is indispensable.



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