Work Groups

Working Groups

The Office Desk models, which Addo Furniture, which is preferred by professionals who are in favor of change in the new generation business world, will bring a new breath to your work areas. All workgroup models produced on the main theme of solution orientation will be your biggest assistant in your office with their functional features. Office Work Tables developed by Addo Furniture creative designers in accordance with different concepts such as open offices, individual workspaces and home-offices combine functionality with stylish craftsmanship.

Multipurpose Work Tables
Multiple work table groups for multi-purpose use in work areas maximize your productivity. Multiple work tables where your teammates can easily communicate with each other …

Workstation Table Modules

The common dream of all employees is to work in a comfortable and enjoyable environment. Addo Furniture designers developed the Workstation model based on the feelings of comfort and pleasure. The Workstation Table modules, which are included in the multiple study category among the Office Desk models, are a product of the Addo brand’s understanding of excellence. Workstation Tables, which create an environment where employees can work more freely, is an innovative work that provides comfort and pleasure at the same time. The table models that allow for multiple work, in which the Addo design team integrates functionality and comfort, offer a much more peaceful working environment thanks to their sound absorbing panels.

An Advanced Technology, Perfect Workmanship

Addo Furniture’s Office Work Table, which adorns the Italian style in the production of office furniture with a flawless workmanship, meets all your expectations with its wide range of products offering different alternatives. The production process of the work tables is completed quickly thanks to the advanced technology and qualified staff used by Addo.

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