Venice Architecture Biennale Opened After A 1-Year Break.

One of the oldest and leading architectural events in the world, Venice Biennale 17th International Architecture Exhibition, was postponed last year due to the pandemic. Curated by architect Hashim Sarkis and announced the theme ‘How will we live together?’ in July 2019, the biennale was opened on May 22. The Pavilion of Turkey, coordinated by the İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), includes a project titled Architecture as a Measure, curated by Neyran Turan this year.

The Architecture as Measure project, coordinated by İKSV and hosted by the Pavilion of Turkey, co-sponsored by Schüco Turkey and VitrA, aims to “create alternative discussions on the functioning of architecture in the light of the climate crisis we are experiencing”. With its physical installation and constantly updated website, the project focuses on the relationship between the processes in Turkey, from construction to maintenance, from resource use to supply chain. The project is based on architectural contracts, zoning laws, technical standards, specifications or mining; He underlines that supply chains, construction assemblies, labor, maintenance or inspection practices not only leave deep marks on the physical practice of architecture, but also reflect our values ​​and assumptions about what “environment” means to architecture.


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