Far To Near And Back Again

Design By Sezgin AKSU

The extraordinary conditions we are facing nowadays due to the global COVID-19 outbreak pushes all individuals, societies and institutions to rethink many issues. This process can be considered as a period in which we will gain new learning and experience in areas such as communication, daily life, the way we consume, produce and work. In this sense, there seems to be a lot that is changing, that is going to change. It is possible to predict that these changes will transform the devices we use, the channels and medium we follow and, most notably, the spatial practices we exist in. As in many areas, designers and architects take a cautious approach in drawing a clear roadmap for the forthcoming period. On the other hand, we can start discussing the obvious effects of these globally influential situations on working areas and begin imagining on new designs.

What kind of office systems we will use? will the office the furniture and products be in a form that can adapt to the social distance and hygiene requirements when necessary, while on the other hand continue to serve as open office systems that supports information sharing.

We, along with our designers and our team, who have created special designs for Addo, are working on these insights.


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