A Brief History of Turkish Architecture

Prof. Dr. Yaşar Çoruhlu is known for his works on Central and Inner Asian Turkish art and archeology, Turkish Mythology, iconography, and symbols in Turkish art, Asian and Anatolian Turkish Art. His book, A Brief History of Turkish Architecture, met with his readers recently, which is a compilation of his works of more than 30 years and his various research trips to Central Asia and Turkey.

Yaşar Çoruhlu, in this book, deals with the architectural aspects of Turkish history, which starts in 3000 BC and extends to the present day, which continues its existence in the vast geography of Central Eurasia and consists of various Turkish tribes.

Examining the reflection of the Turks’ lifestyles on architecture, which are defined as semi-settled and settled, rather than being a mere nomadic community, Çoruhlu presents a reference book for the reader. The book, which can especially benefit art historians, architectural historians, and archaeologists, explains with examples, on what kind of ground and with which components Turkish architecture was born, how it emerged in Inner Asia and spread to the Central Eurasian regions where Turks have lived since before Christ. Yaşar Çoruhlu deals with the dynamics of this architecture, which has spread over a wide geography over millennia, and the sources it feeds on, together with their lifestyles. This work, which is not only a reference book, but will also be enjoyed by those who are interested in the subject, has been published by Alfa Yayınları.


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