Design and Architecture scene continues developing digital content

Venice Biennale 17th International Architecture Exhibition was one of the leading events of this year that is postponed due to pandemic. After the organizers announced that the biennale will be realised in 2021, The Russain Federation stated that the content of Russian Pavilion goes completely digital. All the content within its exhibition “Open!” will be transformed into a digital platform.

The commissioner of the pavilion Teresa Iarocci Mavica and its curator Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, had invited a collective of interdisciplinary teams to enter into a dialogue on the function and values of the Pavilion. Then the plan was to set up a temporary office in the pavilion during the biennale for all the contributers, which will function as an open space for the architectural transformation of the space. However The Russian Federation has adapted their plan following the postponement of the biennale. While the physical renovation of the space taking place in Giardini and designed by KASA architects continues, the projects of the teams contributing are adapted to digital platform.

This online platform consists of podcasts, video interviews, conferences, movies, a video game and live music performance that will be broadcast for several months. Teresa Iarocci Mavica mentioned that, “The pandemic has challenged our understanding of the role of cultural institutions and has called for a radical reconsideration of the framework of major cultural events. The focus must shift to what is essential”. And curator Pestellini Laparelli, while explaining their decision of bringing the projects online stated that, “the aim is to turn the limitations imposed by this crisis into an opportunity to experiment with a different ‘space’ and with different formats, and to question the role and functions of cultural institutions. 


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