Happy birthday Marcel Breuer

Hungarian-origin designer and architect Marcel Breuer, who is a significant figure in the international design world, with his iconic Wassily armchair design, was born on May 21, 1902. Breuer, who studied at the Bauhaus in Weimar, worked with representatives of this trend and ran the furniture design workshop between 1925-1928 after the school moved to Dessau, passed away in 1981. Breuer gained recognition in the design community with his experiments and innovative designs using steel, aluminum, and laminated wood. The buildings he built were among the leading works of the 20th-century modernist approach.

“Wassily”, which was inspired by the twisted pipes on the handlebar of the designer’s bicycle, took its place in the history of design as the first seat produced by a designer. The design was named after Beuer’s close friend Wassily Kandinsky and stood out with its lightness and durability. The Cesca chair, which is another iconic design of Beuer, whose designs are based on continuous innovation and originality, was considered among the most prominent chair designs of the 20th century.

Marcel Breuer, who has many awards in the field of architecture, lectured at Harvard University for a while and was one of the first masters of modernism, carried out many architectural projects between 1939-1980. One of the best-known of these buildings is the UNESCO Headquarters building in Paris.


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