Dark Needs.

Different solutions
In Addo, which blends modern and classic looks, you will fully meet the needs of your office with intermediate executive furniture. Offering solutions for different needs with different models, Addo offers its customers the functionality required in the working environment by combining it with special designs.

In Addo, which offers different solutions for offices with models such as Bridge, Hub W, CEO, HUB L, Solve with flexibility, there is every requirement of a modern office.

Modern Solutions for Changing Needs

Addo’s intermediate executive furniture is designed to understand the changing needs of offices. Large desk space suitable for increasing multimedia use, cabinets that both save space and fully meet your space needs with their compact design and much more are waiting for your office.

The design phase is carefully carried out so that you can achieve a comfortable working environment with Addo, which adapts to the requirements of the age. Just like all other Addo products, high durability and comfort are offered in intermediate executive furniture.

Ergonomics Suitable for Long Hours

Intermediate executive furniture designed to work for long hours in your office also protects the health and productivity of your employees. With Addo, which protects your health thanks to ergonomic working chairs, your productivity will also increase.

In Addo executive furniture, where your company is considered at every point from design stage to production, ergonomics are at the forefront as well as functionality.

Different Materials, High Durability

Addo’s award-winning designers took into account that each office has different needs while designing intermediate executive furniture. With furniture produced with different materials, it is possible to find an option suitable for the needs of every office in Addo.

Addo office furniture, which you will use in the comfort of the first day for a long time, is ready to offer the exact solution your office needs with different materials used in its design and production.

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