Maison&Objet takes place for the first time as a digital fair

In these extraordinary days, while many events are trying to survive, they also work to maintain the dynamics required by their industry under mandatory conditions, and even to create innovative content and experiences suitable for the conditions. In this context, Maison&Objet, which is one of the events in the focus of the design world, has carried its program to the virtual environment under the title of “Digital Fair”. The event started on September 4 will be  taking place until September 18. And the program includes variaous activities other than the fair.

This year Maison&Objet is presenting the latest collections of participating brands online. In order to do that, special virtual tours can be made within the ‘Dijital Fair’.

In addition to the digital fair, the event also includes a talk series to be broadcasted on the web. Within the series, with the influence of the current conditions, especially ‘workingplaces’ became are one of the topics on focus as well as the interior and furniture talks. Since the questions to be asked in this field and future trends to be designed have become more critical than ever, the program includes content to analyze social changes and new working methods.

There are also discussions on design collecting, editing, new consumer needs, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and productions.

At Maison&Objet, daily selections where the newest products of the season will be presented and podcast series with personal stories of the names that shaped the design industry also meet with the audience.


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