Open Call from London Design Biennial

One of the design events, that was announced to be postponed due to the pandemic, was the London Design Biennale, the third of which was planned this year.The new date of the biennale was announced as 1-27 June 2021.The biennale recently published an open call with Chatham House titled “Design In The Age Of Crisis”, inviting everyone, including those under the age of 18, to think about this topic under various topics.

The London Design Biennial, which is planned to take place for the third time this year but could not be held due to the pandemic, will meet with the audience on 1-27 June 2021. This year’s artistic director of the biennial, designer Es Devlin, announced the theme as “Resonance”. Devlin while explaining the theme says, “We live in an age of hyper resonance, the consequences of which are both exhilarating and devastating. Everything we design and everything we produce resonates…As a community of designers approaching shared global challenges from culturally diverse viewpoints, the collective resonance of our ideas and our actions has the power to be truly transformative.”

The biennale will be held in Somerset House once again and up to 50 countries and territories will respond to in their installations and presentations. Additional to that, the works that will be selected as a result of an open call from the biennial with Chatham House titled “Design In The Age of Crisis” will be presented to the audience within the scope of the exhibition. Open call askes this main question,“How can we create healthier, greener, equal and prosperous societies?” and the deadline for sending proposals is 31 August 2020. The projects will be selected under four topics which are work, environment, health and society and each topic has its own selection committee. The ones selected will take place in within an online exhibition in Spring 2020 and will also take place in the biennale exhibition.


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