‘‘İstanbul is Yours – Lighting Products Design Competition’ that organized for outdoor lighting design of the city has completed recently. The winner project KENET proposed to be a part of the urban structure and contribute to the preservation of ecological balance with its environmentally friendly feature.

‘İstanbul is Yours – Lighting Products Design Competition’, which was opened for the design of lighting products in the open spaces of Istanbul and concluded recently, was organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Parks, Gardens and Green Areas. In the call text of the competition it was stated that “the proposed lighting family is expected to meet the multi-layered cosmopolitan texture of Istanbul and the needs suitable for different functions such as roads, streets, streets, squares, historical surroundings, parks and gardens.

Within the next step related with the winner project KENET, it is anticipated that the project design will be developed and the prototype phase will begin in line with the meetings with the municipality and the jury.

Project Team:

Zeki KADİRBEYOĞLU, Electrical Engineer, Lighting Designer

Meriç KARA, Industrial Designer

Mustafa AKKAYA, Interior Architect, Environmental Designer and Lighting Designer


Ahmet GÖRSEV, Lighting Designer

Mevce ÇIRACI, Industrial Designer


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