IDEALIST Association announced its founding

IDEALIST Interior Design Association, which Addo is among its supporters, announced its opening on November 25, at addressistanbul Decoration and Design Center, with the participation of the leading names of the industry and brand representatives.

Aiming to have a strong structure with broad access, IDEALIST initiated its establishment by a workshop organized with the participation of 77 architects and interior designers. The Vision and Strategy Manifest of the Association came out as a result of this workshop, which was held during the establishment process. IDEALIST brings its operations together under five main subjects: education, quality and ethical standards, professional rights and protection, international business development and collaborations, sectoral collaborations and solidarity.

Declaring its vision as the innovative, sectoral epicenter that represents and guides the Turkish interior design industry, inspiring the interior design industry worldwide, IDEALIST Interior Design Association adopts the mission to contribute to and glorify the profession.

The association’s headquarters, which will be completed in a few months, will be an open house for everyone from the industry for a variety of functions and events.


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