The new creative hub of Indonesia Bogor

Bogor Creative Hub was designed by the Indonesia-based architecture office Local Architecture Bureau (LAB) to be a creative generator. Standing out with its C-shaped curved architecture, the project offers an inspiring, open sharing platform and collaborative workspace for people in creative businesses.

Inside the building located in Bogor, Indonesia; There is an exhibition hall, co-working spaces, management office, auditorium, workshop sections, and a cafe. The C form, which wraps the courtyard like a belt, gives the building elegant and stylish mobility. The land where the building is standing overlooks a 200-year-old historical building built during the Dutch Colonial Period. Local Architecture Bureau designed the building to be accessible from all directions. With its sloping roof and tiered design, this one-piece structure; seamlessly connects the terrain from one end to the other. All sections inside the facility overlook the terraces used as common areas. The repeating row of columns across the terrace welcomes those entering the building and provides a smooth transition to the interior space.

Gemawang Swaribathoro of the Local Architecture Bureau explains the approach: “We tried to respect as much as we could the harmony between the historic building and the green forest, by designing a simple, quiet, non-provocative yet flexible design for the creative spirit. The concept is to maintain this building as a blank canvas for the creative spirit to fill in. “


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