Modern Executive Desks

The working environment of a manager is almost a management base where important decisions are made regarding both the organization and the employees. As long as the manager feels comfortable, safe and happy in the working environment, he will be successful. With the Addo executive desk models, where modernity is integrated with stylish lines in its design concept, it immediately makes you feel that it is very different from its counterparts with its functional furniture that fully meets today’s office needs.

Contemporary Design Approach

What makes Addo executive desk sets different from classic executive desks comes from a contemporary design approach, as well as a masterful and elegant furniture workmanship where solid wood, marble and leather materials are combined. All these details make a manager much stronger and more self-confident. Ares, Nel, Slim and Bridge Addo Furniture were designed as successful examples of the new generation executive desk concept. With its strong details and ergonomic features that provide a healthy working experience to its users, Addo Furniture has a design approach that meets the needs of a successful manager to the finest detail. Working with Sezgin Aksu, Silvia Suardi, Tanju Özelgin, Atilla Kuzu and Erhan Bektaş, who are among the leading designers of our country and Italy, Addo signed the best examples of the “harmony of objects” understanding of Italian design together in the office space.

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